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For centuries, the world and its people have been exploited. Today, as we enter the digital era, things are not so different. The same old patterns of inequality and poor distribution of resources are accelerating to the point of suppressing our capacity to dream of a better future.

It's not just environmental collapse, global pandemics, energy crises, and economic recessions. The very way we measure growth is failing us. Governments continue to use GDP, which only accounts for expenditure, but not for the well-being of the citizens and the environment. The instability and fragility of institutions are being exposed as those in power continue to react with more censorship, mass surveillance, irrational economic and political sanctions, and armed conflicts.

"Feelings of disempowerment from our future and identity crises are emerging everywhere"

Millions of people around the world are raising their voices against the contradictions of trading long-term solutions for temporary measures. Feelings of disempowerment from our future and identity crises are emerging everywhere.

Even though there's plenty of suffering around the world, humanity as a whole has come a long way. Childhood mortality has dramatically decreased, life expectancy is on the rise, the likelihood of violent death has never been lower, and we are better educated than ever. We've come a long way, and we can do even better.

We believe every expression of human creativity can build a better world.

Building a society that thrives on creativity and social impact can only be done by inclusive and participatory efforts. It is time for us to combine our creative power to understand and overcome the global challenges we face today.

How can we best leverage our past generations' foundations? How do we learn from past mistakes and create new tools for dealing with the present? How will we inspire and empower future generations to leave a positive legacy?

Today, we can build systems that are both transparent in some forms while being privacy-preserving in others. Why don't we create trusting relationships with positive-sum games that match individual desires with collective aspirations?

It's up to us to build the world we want to live in. We have the resources, the technology, and the willingness to do good. However, to reach our full potential, we need to be more conscious and intentional about our creations and coordination. We have to do it with love, with AMOR.

Social impact is Us.

All of us, humans.

That's why we've started the DoinGud movement. We are a collective of passionate individuals and communities coming together to make lasting, positive changes for humanity.

We're building a protocol for social impact that allows for its creation and reporting in new participatory ways. This journey explores decentralized funding, governance, and sense-making in a space where culture and technology comfortably co-exist.

Now is the time to open up to one another and amplify the good we can do collectively. We believe many of us are creating different pieces of the puzzle to help us solve humanity's problems. Let's collaborate and put our pieces together.

Only by better educating ourselves and working together can we overcome current and future challenges. Innovation will not be stopped merely because it's inconvenient to the existing systems. We must all be intentional in using new technologies for doing good.

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