Solar Punk Exhibition
  • Solar Punk Exhibition


Solarpunk is an art movement that envisions how the future could look in post-scarcity societies. The aesthetic often focuses on renewable energy and living in harmony with nature. We hope this art inspires you to reject nihilism (the black pill) and join these artists in a more hopeful world where technology is a force for good (the green pill). Each artwork is available as an NFT. 100% of funds will be split between the artist and the Gitcoin Grants Matching Pool to help build and fund a solarpunk future. --- Curated by Colton Orr and Annie Phillips Presented by Gitcoin DAO & IRL Art --- All featured artworks are 1/1 and sold via English Auction. The winner of the auction will be the highest bidder at the end of the sale. Any bids placed in the last 15 minutes of each auction will increase the duration of the auction by an additional 15 minutes.