Race To The Bottom of The Moon
  • Race To The Bottom of The Moon


Featuring artwork from M○C△ Genesis Collection and emerging crypto artists Anubis3100, Te̺͆𝘬𝘬St̺͆a͎r͎, Andrés Zighelboim. The Museum of Crypto Art’s exhibition investigates the promise of becoming through digital breaks and continuities. Digital intoxication occurs independent of political and moral judgment, and instead, it shapes critical personal technological and creative evolution. In this way, Crypto Art is committed to exploring the current internet psyche and its expression as an at all times irritated practice that understands the nervous system as a site of production. The FOMO culture war battles novel global beauty. Artworks included here explore this theme. — In the spring of 2022, DoinGud launched the #DoinGud17SDG Project, bringing together 17 diverse creator communities from all over the world to support each of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The SDGs are in place to radically improve all aspects of human life on this planet. This exhibition is one of four of the #DoinGud17SDG exhibitions at ETHBarcelona dedicated to making a difference, one creation at a time.