Bridging art and science, this exhibition pushes beyond crypto hypes, towards the possibility of key social change. In this exhibition, we introduce the concept of Decentralized Science (DeSci), a new paradigm harnessing blockchain and ‘Web3’ technologies to reshape how scientific research is funded, shared, and monetized. DeSci mechanisms hold the potential to address significant bottlenecks of current scientific institutions. DeSci can unlock a more open and democratic future for science. DeSci let’s us imagine a future society where more of us can have a stake, even a tiny one, in the creation of a new cure or treatment, in the implementation of a research agenda or scientific trials. We invite our public to imagine a society where research investment and governance is co-stewarded by all, a society where the power of big Pharma companies is counterbalanced by society as co-owner and active investor in advanced research. In this exhibition, each NFT is co-created by pairing an artist and a scientist. Our intention is to make cutting-edge scientific research accessible by introducing its incredible potential through art. Both form and function, those NFTs are also designed as a funding mechanism: the product of each NFT sale funds the researcher and pays the artist who collaborated on its creation. Curated by: Aleksandra Smilek — In the spring of 2022, DoinGud launched the #DoinGud17SDG Project, bringing together 17 diverse creator communities from all over the world to support each of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The SDGs are in place to radically improve all aspects of human life on this planet. This exhibition is one of four of the #DoinGud17SDG exhibitions at ETHBarcelona dedicated to making a difference, one creation at a time.

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