Culture Jam: ETHDenver 2022 Exhibition
  • Culture Jam: ETHDenver 2022 Exhibition


Culture Jamming is defined as subvertising, or the art of disrupting mainstream media and advertising through art. This collection of art seeks to explore, deconstruct, reinterpret, and play with the satire and emotion that exists between advertising and art. As artists seeking to reclaim our data within web3, the conversations we aim to inspire span intellectual property, creative use, capturing our cultural value, re-imagining the future, or inserting chaos as a means to slow or disrupt the machine. With a double play on words, of a Culture Jam, artists additionally unpack and highlight what culture means in the digital age. Whether that be through their heritage, a diasporic lens of finding home within online internet communities, or niche community identity. It's okay to not be okay. Art creates a container to disrupt feelings of isolation brought on by the pandemic. We invite people to lean in, laugh, reflect, and feel less alone in the complexities of our human existence. This year's Auction Beneficiary will be voted on by $SPORK holders and sub-granted out by irldao.eth --- Curated by Annie Stardust Featuring Guest Curators: Jessica Angel, Shivani Mitra, and Robert Gray Presented by ETH Denver & IRL Art --- All featured artworks are 1/1 and sold via English Auction. The winner of the auction will be the highest bidder at the end of the sale. Any bids placed in the last 15 minutes of each auction will increase the duration of the auction by an additional 15 minutes.