"Terrene Perceptions"
  • "Terrene Perceptions"


Terrene Perceptions is an NFT Exhibition presented by Design Science Studio and Gray Area. Each artwork explores and perceives a regenerative future that works for 100% of life. The work is drawn from an international community of artists exploring themes ranging from environmental healing to architectural innovation. The medium of the collection pushes boundaries as well, from generative art responding to planetary time to indigenous perceptions of the natural environment expressed within a 3D world. Terrene Perceptions is a collection of creators using art to cultivate new forms and practices of planetary cognition. A portion of the proceeds go to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #2 of Zero Hunger. Curated by Roxanna Shohadaee and Niki Selken with support from Chris Weir — The #DoinGud17SDGs Project brings together 17 diverse creator communities from all over the world to support each of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The SDGs are in place to radically improve all aspects of human life on this planet. This exhibition is focusing on making a difference, one creation at a time. Terrene Perceptions is in support of SDG 2: Zero Hunger

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