Our first Gallery Exhibition is a very special one, it marks the beginning of our journey. “Origins” is a point or place where something begins. For us at DoinGud, "origins" represents the beginning of our journey. For our community, it represents their first engagement with our ecosystem. For others, it may represent their first steps in the NFT space. This past summer, we invited passionate creators from around the world to submit a creation that embodied their interpretation of the “Origins” theme. From hundreds of submissions, an internal and external panel of curators and judges selected 84 works that they felt aligned with the Exhibition's theme, values, and goals of inclusion. The Origins Exhibition will be live for 2 weeks and each creation will be open to bidding during this time. The exhibition will officially conclude on February 7th at 2pm PST, 5pm EST, 11pm CET. A special thank you goes out to all our community leaders, guest curators, participating creators, and supporters!