The OpenEarth Foundation is hosting a charitable art auction to help protect the ocean. OceanDrop’s proceeds are going towards the launch of a marine conservation program led by the Open Earth Foundation aimed at improved management of the ocean through blockchain based digital infrastructure, innovation and collaboration. 13 of 23 ocean inspired NFTs telling stories of the ocean will drop on December 3, 2021 on DoinGud. Thanks to a collaboration with OVR and Jens Kull, this virtual gallery exhibits the whole OceanDrop art collection in the metaverse and is auctioned as a single NFT and immersive experience: a MetaNFT. Virtually positioned within the metaverse in Cocos Island, Costa Rica. The highest bidder will own the whole metaverse NFT art experience including: an asset and land in the metaverse, an executable file to exhibit it in other metaverses, a VR compatible file, stills and video walkthroughs, and if the bid is over $100k an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset with the loaded experience. The Open Earth Foundation has partnered with PORTL Hologram to give a PORTL Epic with bids over $300k, the greatest way to display your NFTs. In partnership with KlimaDAO, Creol and Offetra, OceanDrop will offset 500 CO2 tons of carbon to ensure a reduced environmental impact. Rendering services were graciously donated by the Render Network. Check out the NFTs and Artist at

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