WOCA (Women of Digitial Art) and #DoinGud17SDG have come together to create an exhibition with a portion of the proceeds going towards a variety of gender equality non for profits, supporting The UN Sustainable Development 17 Goals (SDGs). The exhibition is curated by Indira Iofeye & Rowynn Dumont. With artworks by: Zubieta, Adriana Pérez Mugia, Nadia Diaz Graveran, Ines Melliti, Ekaterina Lestienne, Ana Maria Caballero, Dhanya Ajith, Rachel Fishman, Robbi Firestone, Hexapod, Chloé Hajjar, 4EverKurious, Gorilla Girls, Glerren Bangalan, Patricia El, Tetiana Osadchuck, Fernanda Lopes, Vivv Scardovelli, Iman Jabrah, Hoedesgarcons, Artwolf, Five Minutes Stories, Rowynn Dumont, Indira Iofeye, Elena Gris, CECHK, LUVRworldwide. --- The #DoinGud17SDGs Project brings together 17 diverse creator communities from all over the world to support each of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The SDGs are in place to radically improve all aspects of human life on this planet. This exhibition is focusing on making a difference, one creation at a time. In support of SDG 5: Gender Equality