Paul Nicklen: “Towering Tusks”
Paul Nicklen: “Towering Tusks”

    Paul Nicklen: “Towering Tusks”

    There are unicorns out there in the wild, but rather than the fictitious cousins of horses we read about in fairy tales, they are very real whales with spiraled ivory tusks. After months of camping on Nunavut's sea ice, my good friend and ace pilot, Brian Knutsen, and I took to the skies so we could search for narwhals in my ultralight airplane. I was optimistic we might spot one or two from the air, but I never expected to discover an entire blessing (the term for a group of narwhals) among the stunning patterns and shapes in the ice. I fired off some aerial shots as we descended, and we found ourselves just four feet away from hundreds of narwhals just minutes later, watching in awe as they lifted their nearly eight-foot-long ivory tusks out of the water to draw deep breaths before disappearing beneath the ice where they gorged on polar cod.

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