Saudade is a Portuguese word often translated poetically as the expression used to describe a sense of longing. A longing to return to a place, a time, a love, or perhaps even a feeling that no longer exists, of missing something that one can never have back or experience again. In this piece, we converge and catalyze the ethos, logos, pathos and kairos. The ethics of our character, to be in alignment with the transmutation of abstract ideas of the imagination into logical processes of verification with the intention of an ancient future with the regeneration generation. May the wonder of immersing yourself in the purifying waters of the ocean, the beauty of the marine ecosystems, and the pulsing life force of the element of Water never be a memory in the mind of humanity, only told in stories that we pass down to our great great grandchildren. May the seventy times seven generations to come rather, have the experience of regenesis and witness the ocean thriving as the body of one.

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