Cristina Mittermeier: “A Curious Hello”
Cristina Mittermeier: “A Curious Hello”

    Cristina Mittermeier: “A Curious Hello”

    Family is everything to orcas. Each pod has its own special language, and its members follow in the wake of their wise matriarch, hanging onto her every instruction as they travel and hunt. Marine biologists have only just started to understand how crucial the matriarch’s role is to the survival of the pod. She’s usually the oldest female who learned everything she needs to lead her family from her mother and grandmother. It’s this intergenerational wisdom that allows orcas to navigate all kinds of marine environments around the world, passing on traditional knowledge much in the same way we pass our own culture and skills to our children. It’s deeply humbling to know we share our planet with such extraordinary animals who, as it turns out, are not so different from us.

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