H2O - The Unified Field

    H2O - The Unified Field

    An XR Experience H2O - The Unified Field explores a subatomic space of Water molecules including the energetical implications of the Hydrogen - Oxygen bonding process, The experience represents a time slice of that probably sublimely crude process and it is up to the observers how deep they wish to dive into the fractality of the work. It is an artistic intent to emotionally approach how water “works”, how it carries the ultimate memory of Life itself, and promote awareness of the healing relationship we can establish with Water if we choose to. The highest bidder will own all the assets in the NFT package containing several High-Resolution Stills, a 2K Video file (which is the minted file), an AR permalink running on Blink and the H20 Tilt Brush Workspace for the VR experience in a headset (HMD). Credits: Created by Jens Kull (©️, 2021) Sound Design by Nico Borromeo With the fantastic support from Minted on, December 3rd, 2021

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      Open Earth Foundation

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