#457  The Lesser Souls - CHRISTA
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#457 The Lesser Souls - CHRISTA

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Exquisite Workers´s mysterious Cosmic journey represents 504 NFTs 1/1 brought to life from May 2021 to May 2022 serving as a mirror of the most important moment in the contemporary art history. Participants contribute to the chain of arts, or Exquisite Corpse, without seeing what others create, adding to a connecting block. Today we invite you to see through the light blue colors of Uranus & the eyes of artists the year of 3030. We are about to make a bold wake-up call with Christa from Spain: "The piece shows a group of castaway refugees. Expresses the hipocresy of western countries and the indifference towards some peopel’s lives considered by society as less important. Depending on who you are, your death doesn’t have the same meaning and value.." NFT properties: 2480x2480 MP4. By bidding on, purchasing or otherwise obtaining a blockchain-based NFT, you agree on Terms available here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bY93KjiU-NYJG2X0NJa1dknKutUmEcNo/view?usp=sharing

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