#442 Intelligence Against Poverty  - TOM HOFF
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#442 Intelligence Against Poverty - TOM HOFF

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Exquisite Workers´s mysterious Cosmic journey represents 504 NFTs 1/1 brought to life from May 2021 to May 2022 serving as a mirror of the most important moment in the contemporary art history. Participants contribute to the chain of arts, or Exquisite Corpse, without seeing what others create, adding to a connecting block & speaking their truth. Today we invite you to see through the light blue colors of Uranus & the eyes of artists the year of 3030. We are about to make a bold wake-up call with Tom Hoff from Chile: "I imagine robots working for the good of humanity, and helping those most in need. I imagine once & for all that we will use our knowledge & skills to end poverty & take care of our planet." NFT properties: 2480x2480 MP4. By bidding on, purchasing or otherwise obtaining a blockchain-based NFT, you agree on Terms available here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bY93KjiU-NYJG2X0NJa1dknKutUmEcNo/view?usp=sharing Meet us on Instagram @exquisiteworkers

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