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Colorform by @Kylegordonart

Unlocking Collective Empowerment

Creators get together

DoinGud is a next-gen NFT platform working on empowering creators, curators, brands & organizations to engage with their audience, tap into sustainable compensation streams, generate value for their audiences, and create meaningful impact. All this, with the power of automated collaboration payments.

Invested in our Community

Let's decentralize

We are building an NFT ecosystem where your passion has the ability to create social impact with your own rules. Invited creators can onboard colleagues. Brands and communities can open meta-galleries to house their artists. Anyone can submit their artwork to a pool to be represented by a community gallery.

Forward-Thinking & Future-Proof

Why DoinGud?

We're collaborating and building with some of the brightest creators, technologists, communities, and blockchain companies to bring you a next-gen NFT experience. Our platform addresses common issues in the current NFT space by ensuring more resilient media storage, multi-currency support (fiat & crypto), automated collaboration payments, and complete transaction transparency.

Sustainable, Accessible, & Flexible

Mindfully Built

We're focused on the future, and being flexible in an ever-evolving space is important to ensure you generate a positive impact for your creation. Our scalable PoS infrastructure allows you to mint confidently with reduced climate impact, low fees, and future interoperability.

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